Low Back Pain

Over the years we have seen many many patients who are suffering with low back pain.  Most people do not run to the family physician or chiropractor at the first sign of back pain.  But the problem is, once it starts, it usually isn’t going away.  It is frustrating for my patients because there is often not an obvious start or cause of the pain.  If there is it often seems to be something that shouldn’t (like reaching to pick up the toothbrush) have caused such pain or disability.  But even if an obvious cause like a trauma has occured in the past, it just doesn’t seem like it should take so long to heal, if there is still hope for that.  Does that sound familiar?

Well you are not alone.  On average 8 out of 10 people will have low back pain.  If you do your research you will be informed there are many causes of low back pain.  To name a few you will see: Herniated disc, arthritis, spinal stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, weak abs, scoliosis, emotions, stress and so on.  In the end it seems very ill-defined.  I want to make it simple.  It is in most cases.  So at the risk of oversimplifying I want to break this down to cause and effect.  Most of the “causes” one will find on medical websites are actually “effects.”  You will instantly realize this with some reflection.  For example, arthritis.  Can this actually be the root cause?  (not that the condition is not painful at times)  We realize we do not “catch” arthritis.  Right?  We are not born with a genetic guarantee we will get arthritis in our low back or left knee.  So why does it happen?  Why does your low back have arthritis and not your mid back?  It wore out quicker than your mid back right?  It isn’t that you are old.  Something made that low back (or left knee) wear out quicker than the other areas.  That “thing” that causes the abnormal wear and tear is most commonly a misalignment of a joint.  If that misalignment has been there a while, you get degeneration, (otherwise known as, arthritis), and that may hurt.  My point is the arthritis isn’t the problem or the original cause, the misalignment is the problem that needs healing.  The disc isn’t the original cause, the misalignment made the disc rupture or fail.  I hope you see the difference.

So back to the causes of low back pain and solutions.  Outside of the significantly less common genetic, metabolic, and infectious causes of back pain the lists of causes you see in most books or websites are really, truly, EFFECTS of the actual cause.  The cause is abnormal wear and tear over time, or over a short time if trauma is involved, caused by misalignments of spinal joints.  The misalignment is called a subluxation.  It is the subluxation that a chiropractor corrects, which allows your body to finally, actually, heal itself.  No more need for medications to mask symptoms, or fear you may some day need surgery.

At Stover Chiropractic we use modern computerized testing and x-rays (if needed) to examine your spine for misalignments (subluxations).  We specialize in low force, gentle, upper cervical chiropractic care, called orthospinology to evaluate and correct the specific cause of pain.

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