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Stover Chiropractic
Average rating:  
 106 reviews
 by D Tennent
Positive and Unexpected Results

I’ve been seeing Dr. Stover for several years. I initially went for the feeling of electrical shocks in my arm. Less than a month after beginning treatment the pain was significantly better and eventually disappeared. The range of motion in my head and neck also improved. A wonderful side effect of regular adjustments has been a complete absence of reflux which I suffered with for years and took prescription medication for relief. I’ve had no issue with reflux since maintaining regular chiropractic care. I’m a firm believer in Dr. Stover and his wonderful staff!

 by Ed Schutt
Go to Stover Chiropractic

I’ve gotten tremendous help with back and neck pain. Dr Stover keeps me running deep into retirement.

 by Kathy Mayfield

A friend told me about Dr. Stover and I'm grateful. The office personnel are warm and friendly, as well as most accommodating. Dr. Stover does a thorough examination and explains his plan to help correct the needs of the patient. He is willing to work to do what is best to correct their issues. I recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic help.

 by C. Davis
This is the place to be!

After years of every day lower back pains I was referred to Dr. Stover's office. Not knowing anything about chiropractic procedures other than "they crack your back". It is very interesting how they x-ray your back, show you where you are and later show you how you have progressed. This is science and proof of results. I am now in a maintenance type program and my lower back and neck is just unbelievably in a great place! Thanks Dr. Stover and staff!

 by J Harris
Highly Recommend

I have been going to Dr Stover for over a month now and have nothing but positive things to report! He was thorough in my initial evaluation and explained the method of and timeline for treatment! I have a vision misalignment and believe it to be worsened or even caused by my upper cervical alignment. I’m seeing improvement in my vision issues and I’m overall feeling much much better! I travel 1.5 hours one way to see him and I have zero regrets! The staff is super friendly as well! I highly highly recommend Dr Stover!

 by Ed
no more dizziness

Dr. Stover treated me for back and neck and shoulder problems for some time. Recently I was having problems with balance and dizziness. After a short series of adjustments I have no more problems with either of these. Now I can get back to enjoying running.

 by Jim Lankford
Great Adjustment!

I was a skeptic up until 2006 when I began suffering from debilitating chronic headaches. Not wanting to dope myself up on prescription drugs I finally caved and took the advice of my boos and saw his Chiropractor. Two weeks later I was headache free and have been since. I try to get an adjustment once a month or so because I know it is beneficial.
I always feel better after an adjustment. Thanks Tripp!

 by Letha Marshall
Nothing but Love

I absolutely love and would recommend Dr. Stover to anyone! I've been getting adjustments from him since I was a teenager. His practice provides a friendly and homey atmosphere, his approach to chiropractic care is simple and effective. It's easy to call and make appointments that same day or schedule ahead of time, he always makes time for his patients when they need him. His sense of humor and down to earth attitude is wonderful, come see for yourself!

 by Chris
Really made a difference in my quality of life

After many years of suffering from debilitating lower back pain and sciatica, I finally went to see Dr. Stover on the advice of a friend. I am a person who feels much more comfortable when I can understand the WHY of something. Dr. Stover was able to show me on my x-rays where my issues existed, and why they were causing me pain. Just knowing that helped me greatly. Over a relatively short period of time, his adjustments and suggested stretches / exercises helped to relieve me of much of my pain. While Dr. Stover can't necessarily fix the damage that was already there, he can certainly make sure it doesn't continue to worsen, and he has given me the ability to resume certain activities I had given up on being able to enjoy again. Thank you so much, Dr. Stover!

 by Stacie
Migraines are gone!

I suffered for years from horrible migraines. I tried all kinds of treatments, but nothing seemed to work in the long term. Finally I decided to see a chiropractor after a co-worker told me how Dr. Stover had been able to effectively eliminate her migraines. I was skeptical, not wanting to get my hopes up and then be disappointed again. To my amazement, Dr. Tripp was able to solve my problem just as he had with my co-worker. Thank you so much, Dr. Tripp! You have no idea how much this has changed my life!

 by Kelly Holloway

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both of my wrists at the beginning of this year. The pain and numbness was literally waking me up in the middle of the night. I was wearing braces on both wrists. It was incredibly frustrating. I went to Patient First to see what could be done and was told to go see an orthopedist who would likely recommend surgery.
Before I went that route, a friend suggested I see a chiropractor because there could be a connection between the numbing hands/fingers and my back. She recommended Stover Chiropractic, her doctor. I went, if only to determine the two were not related so that I could move on to the surgery phase.
Well, here I am several weeks and appointments later with barely ANY numbing in my hands, little to no pain in my wrists, no longer being woken up at night, and on my way to a straighter spine. I never knew how much the spine contributed to every part of your body. I had been involved in two auto accidents in my life (both head-on collisions) and never sought treatment for either. Years later, there's obvious evidence of damage from those accidents, as well as years of being sedentary in my job.
Dr. Stover has done an amazing job slowly treating the carpal tunnel symptoms, and realigning my spine at the same time. He takes time to explain what he's doing and why, and shares what he anticipates the outcome will be. So far, he has been right on the money.
The staff is always VERY friendly and helpful. I am thankful my friend recommended this step before going the surgery route. If you are looking for a chiropractor, this is definitely the place to go. You will not be disappointed.

Kelly, thank you so much for the kind review. VERY kind! We appreciate you and have enjoyed helping out. You seriously brighten up the office when you are here. Everyone looks forward to seeing you!

 by nora
no more weak legs

Before I started care my legs were buckling from weakness in mornings and at the end of the day. They felt weak. My low back has been a problem for years with significant pain. Now when I wake up my low back isn't sore like it use to be and my legs are not trying to buckle on me.

 by Mark Billups
A Gentle Tripp to a healthy neck and back!

I moved to the Mechanicsville area in 2013. Giving up my previous chiropractor of 20 years was difficult. He was the first chiropractor that I had ever been to, starting in 1992, and having travelled across the country and world, I was constantly having to visit other chiropractors while travelling. So not only was he my first chiropractor, I also learned that he was one of the best. So naturally I was apprehensive about finding a new chiropractor. Having someone put their hands on your head and turn your head suddenly to adjust vertebra in your neck is not a natural behavior. So being able to relax and trust the chiropractor is key. I visited 4 or 5 other chiropractors in the area who were good at adjusting my lower back, but just weren’t very good at adjusting my neck. I am convinced that chiropractic adjustments involve a degree of artistic talent. I am comfortable with Dr. Stover. I trust him adjusting my neck, and I feel comfortable before, during, and after the adjustment. I find Dr. Stover to be very easy going and gentle with the adjustment. He also takes the time to listen to my back and neck issues. He is a gentle soul with gifted hands. It is always a good trip to go see Tripp!

 by Heather S.

I had suffered for ten years with agonizing, debilitating headaches that would last for days at a time, after being rear-ended while driving. I tried physical therapy, several different general practitioners and numerous visits to urgent care facilities. It was at one of these that I finally got the most accurate diagnosis thus far- occipital neuralgia. I was then sent to a neurologist, which due to medications he gave me made my condition worse. Finally, after numerous missed days of work and missed life events, some close friends convinced me to give Doctor Stover a try. He did a thorough series of x-rays which determined that my C1 vertebrae was horribly out of alignment. My head was in fact sitting on crooked, which was putting pressure on the trigeminal nerve. THIS is what was causing my headaches which no medicine could touch. After one adjustment, I saw an unbelievably dramatic reduction in the number of headaches I have. I have been going faithfully to Dr. Stover for almost six weeks, and have had only two headaches. Neither was bad enough to disable me, so not only have the headaches decreased in frequency, they have also lessened in intensity. The two I have had were easily manageable with medications (and I probably could have toughed it out without them if I had to). I understand there are millions who suffer with headaches for a multitude of reasons- I would urge anyone who does to give chiropractic care, and Dr. Stover specifically, a try. I had resigned myself to living in pain and not being able to live a full life, but thanks to Doctor Stover's genuine concern and hard work at identifying and treating my issue, I can actually get out and participate in the good things. Give him a try... you won't regret it! PS, his receptionist Casey is phenomenal as well. Always welcoming and upbeat!

Thank you so much for the kind words. It has been fantastic to be a part of your journey to the "good things" in life. You are appreciated at Stover Chiropractic!

 by Tonya Woodard
Chiropractic care vs Physical Therapy

I was receiving Physical Therapy on my neck for 3 1/2 months sometimes twice sometimes once a week and the overall cost was $1200 out of pocket after insurance. I was still in pain after being released and began chiropractic care soon afterward and began feeling relief after just 2 adjustment sessions with a much less co-pay. So happy to be feeling better with so much less pain!

 by Donna Zampi

A nagging, day-in, day-out headache that I had for over 8 months landed me in Dr. Stover’s office.  Trips to my dentist and periodontist did not help.  Antibiotics did not help.  Change in diet/lifestyle did not help.  My MRI yielded no organic explanation, and the neurologist could only offer acetaminophen.  I had run out of ideas and options.  Not knowing the cause scared me, and I was tired of being in unrelenting pain.

After two visits with Dr. Stover, the headache was gone.  What a blessed relief!

Dr. Stover’s well-managed office is both welcoming and educational, and he provides a number of modalities aimed at resolving pain.  The initial consult was unhurried and thorough, and follow-up treatments have been  benchmarked against measurable results.  I feel that Dr. Stover sincerely cares about my wellbeing…he’s my hero!

Donna D. Zampi, PhD

 by R.Tadesse

Since coming into Dr Stover's office I feel that my pain has gotten a lot better. I feel 80% better since getting regular adjustments. He has a friendly staff that works with my busy schedule on making appointments. I am sleeping better, have more energy so I can work longer hours and can exercise with out pain.  I would highly recommend his practice to others.

 by D Stannard

I have suffered with back pain upper & lower for years. I feel that I am 80% better since coming to Dr. Stover's office, I like the non invasive treatments I am receiving at his practice. I still have some back pain but nothing like when I started coming to him. I am noticing I am sleeping better at night. I would recommend his practice to others.

 by B.Daughtery

I have seen a big improvement since I started coming to Dr. Stover I was having constant sciatic pain. I was having to take muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory meds which were not helping. I came to Dr .Stover and he has helped me a lot. I feel 95% better than I did prior to coming into the office. I sleep a lot better, I would most defiantly recommend him to anyone. Nov.17,2016

 by RBreedon

I have suffered with back pain for over a year. Since ive started coming to Dr Stover I feel 70% better. I feel that I can bend easier at the waist than when I first came into the office. I would recommend Dr Stover to others.

 by W.Arthur
Neck Pain and Muscle Spasms

I came into the office with neck pain & muscle spasms.  I have suffered for many years. Im 80% better at this time.  I liked everything about my care.  I am happy to be pain free and not having spasms anymore.  It is great that I can come by the office after I get off work so I dont have to miss any time.  His secretary is great and very friendly.  She is so accommodating with appointment dates and times.  I highly recommend his office highly.

 by M.Miller
Walking and sleeping better

I came into Dr Stovers office with sciatic pain and low back pain.  I was taking inflammatory medicines until I came into his office.  I feel 70% better and now im not taking the advil any more.  Dr. Stover takes time to explain what hes doing and how hes going to proceed with a plan.  It is easy to get into see Dr.stover.  It is fantastic to be walking and sleeping so much better.

 by V.Bloom
Automobile accident - neck pain and low back pain

I was in an auto accident prior to coming in to Dr.Stover.  I was experiencing low back and neck pain.   I suffered for over a week before I went to a Doctor.   I would say im 80% better by getting weekly adjustments.  I can now lay on my side with out pain.  I find I am sleeping much better also.  I would recommend Dr. Stover to anyone suffering with back pain.

 by Millard A. Thurmond
I thank God - Pain, Allergies, Energy, Breathing Better

My name is Millard A. Thurmond, I am 74 1/2 yrs old. For the past several years I have been struggling with COPD, lungs are bad, I also have allergies making it almost impossible to breath, I have had no energy, and could walk a short distance before having to take a break. I was on several medications, Advair, Spriva, Ventalin, and oxygen at night, and a nebulizer sometimes three times a day. Then I came down with a pinched nerve in my neck, my doctor suggested pain management or therapy. My doctor told me to pick one or the other ASAP. My sister-in-law recommended to see chiropractor Dr. Stover. I had never been to a chiropractor before so this was all new to me. You hear a lot of pro and con about chiropractors some good some bad. The first two or three visits I was beginning to doubt he could do anything for me. So I went to my doctor to see about pain management. My doctor said to try the chiropractor for two more weeks.
This is when miracles began. I now have no pain in my neck, I now have no allergies, my breathing is unreal, I now walk around places like Wal-mart and not even take a deep breath where my oxygen intake is so much better. My energy level is unreal. My chiropractor had taken x-rays of my neck and he showed three place that could hinder your airways.
I have been diagnosed having degenerative disc disease. Pain management would have helped with the pain but is not a cure. I now have nothing but the highest respect for chiropractors. I thank God every day for leading me to Stover Chiropractic, P.C. Now the only medications I take is oxygen at night and my spriva and advil as needed.
Thank you Dr. Stover

 by H Su

Dr Stover has been treating me for injuries due to a car accident, as well as back and neck pain from scoliosis. Ive seen mnay chiropractors over the years and in my opinion Dr Stover has one of the lightest, yet effective techniques for spinal adjustments. He is very knowable ,patient and caring. His staff is very kind and also very caring.I would highly recommend his office to others 06/30/2015

 by B.Duval

After several visits to the office , my back is doing better than it has for years.The doctors approach is different than ive ever had before, but ive had great results.Thanks Dr. Stover.

 by C,Riddick

Just want to say I've had a great experience coming to Dr. Stover's Office.This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and ive had great results for my migraines.His receptionist is the greatest.makes me feel welcome .Look forward to more changes for the good ...I would recommend his office for sure...

 by Kim Ellsworth

I highly recommend Dr Stover he is a really great person very down to earth and friendly. I got wonderful results in seeing him, my back felt so much better and I even got a whole inch taller. Thanks so much Dr Stover.

 by Barbara Allen-Smith
Dr. Stover Rocks

I am lucky in that I do not have serious pain, but when I let too much time go between appointments I can absolutely tell! I just feel better if I stick with routine adjustments. On another note, Dr. Stover has "saved my friend's life" as she put it. She was in terrible pain and is now pain free and she has gone one to send her family members to Dr. Stover as well. Dr. Stover and his staff always make you feel welcome and at ease.

 by Brian Hobbs

Dr. Stover helped me with my sciatic pain. He and his staff treated me like family and showed that they truly cared about my well being. Although I ended up needing more care than just chiropractic, I would recommend Dr. Stover to anyone needing adjustments.

 by R. Gordon

I love coming to Dr.stover office his staff is great. I love how they remember my children and they care about my overall health. I came into the office with back & shoulder pain. I feel 90% better since starting with adjustments. I couldn't lift my arms w/ out pain before. Now I am doing most of my activites as before. 12/22/2014

 by E.shelton

I have had back pain for several years. I have used advil in the past. I feel 80% better since coming to Dr. Stover. I have found that chiropractic adjustments really do seem to help. I think him and his staff are awesome. I am so glad his staff got me to come in for a consult. I have found I have less headaches also since coming in. He is a great Doctor and I highly recommend his office to others. 01/05/2015

 by J.Orrock

I have had cracking joints for several months. Since coming to Dr. Stover I feel 80% better. The over all stiffness has gotten so much better. I like the effective procedures he uses. His staff is wonderful.

 by L Mcclure

I came into office with neck and shoulder pain. I feel that I have seen some improvement. I feel 60% better. I really like the personal attention he gives to his patients. 12/11/2014

 by T.Gallagher

I came into office with low back pain. I would say im 50% better. with the kind of work I do I have found it easier to do after getting adjustments.I found Dr.Stover to be gentle and considerate. I feel so much more relaxed after seeing him. 12/02/2014

 by C. Tackett

I came into the office with low back pain. My back pain is not as frequent I can sit for longer periods of time w/ out pain. I would recommend Dr.Stover to anyone.

 by k Bond

I came into office with back pain. I feel 95% better. I work 12 hr shifts and find im able to tolerate being on my feet more now since ive started getting adjusted.He fixed my hip also.I would absolutley recommend Dr. Stover to anyone.

 by T Anderson

I came into office with stiff neck and back pain, I feel 90% better since starting with adjustments. I feel so much better.Most of my back pain is gone and im noticing im sleeping better. I would highly recomend Dr.stover to anyone.

 by CMackza

Came into office with neck and shoulder pain.I have seen a great improvement since coming to Dr.Stover. I would say 90% better . He is gentle yet effective.I can do my normal household chores with ease now.Thanks for all you have done.

 by J.Wu

Feeling much better since I started coming to Dr. Stover.I have suffered with back pain for may years.Coming to Dr. Stover has helped me with the curvature of my spine and made me feel better over all.I feel more relaxed.

 by R.Mitchell

I came into office with lower back stiffness and moderate pain.since coming to Dr.Stover I havent had to take any over the counter medicines.I am 100% better I love the flexability of making appointments with Rosemary.She is very accomadating.I would highly recommend Dr. Stover

 by E.Webb


I came into office with neck pain and very unsteady with my balance. I have suffered for about 18 months.I would say since coming into office I am about 70% better .I have alot better balance when walking now.I get alot better sleep also.Yes I would highly recommend Dr.Stover

 by Kathy Fohl


I came into office with neck and back pain.I had suffered for days before coming into the office.I will say im 70% better.I have enjoyed the pain relief ive gotten since coming into his office.His staff is great and I enjoy my time at the office .I really enjoyed the hydrobed ,very relaxing . I would highly recommend his office to others

 by D.Mcquaid

I came into office after being in a motorcycle accident.i bad neck pain.I will say im 50% better since coming in the office.I can finally ride some distance before having to stop and get out and walk.yes I would recommend Dr Stover

Aug 26.2014

 by Chiquita R

Aug 20,2014

Came to office with migraines & knee pain. I have been on perscriptions for a while. I feel like I am about 70% better since coming into the office. The staff is friendly and takes good care of me. I am more relaxed now & sleeping better. I would most certainly recommend him to others.

 by Joyce B

I was having hip& back pain when I started seeing Dr.Stover.I feel that I am 70% better.I can actually get a restful night of sleep now.I would highly recommend Dr.stover

 by Michael W.D.

Came into office with upper back pain. I feel better since seeing Dr.Stover. I would say im 80% better than when I started to see him.I am happy to be pain free, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

 by Monique C

I came into office with low back pain. I have suffered with it for about 10 years. I feel 80% better since coming to his office. He has a very friendly staff and seems to care about me as a person not just a patient. I would recommend his office to anyone. He is very good at what he does. The only downside to it is there are a lot of visits but they are worth it.

 by Kaitlyn A

I came to Dr.Stover with traveling pains in my lower legs and arms. I feel 100% better since getting regular adjustments. I would highly recommend him to others. I really like the warm office atmosphere and how he takes time to explain things to you. I also like the constant care. I feel like a different person since coming to his office 🙂

 by Courtney R

July 31,2014

I came into office with extreme back pain& shoulder pain. Since coming here I feel im 80% better. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I have found im sleeping better since ive been going to Dr.stover. I would highly recommend his office to others.

 by James W.

July 21,2014

I came into office with neck pain. I would say since ive been gtting regular adjustments im about 50% better. I have had less headaches and I do feel it is helping. I would recommend his office to others

 by Rebekah Taylor

July 15, 2014

I came to Dr.Stover's Office with low back pain. I had been having issues with it for a couple months prior. I had used ibuprofen,ice & heat. Since I started getting regular adjustments im 100% better. I can move and bend free from pain. I would highly recommend Dr.Stover

 by Michelle S

I came to Dr. Stover with neck pain & numbness in my hand. I have suffered w/ this for years. I have found great relief from my adjustments. I think the staff is awesome. I also like that there is a massage therapist on staff there. I absolutely recommend Dr. stover.

 by Jessica A

I came into the office with low back pain. Dr Stover discussed the treatment plan w/ me and we set up the appointments. I came out of the office feeling better. I liked how he explained things with me and he discussed the plan of treatments. I can bend easier now & lift things with out being in pain.

 by Matthew J

Jan 2014

My condition when I started coming to Dr. Stover was horrible. I would say I'm 90% better since I started treatments. I have seen a big difference in my back pain since I started getting adjustments. The staff was great to me. They always tried to work with my work schedule. I recommend his office highly to anyone wanting to get free from pain.

 by Karl Hartle


I came into the office with lower back pain. He discussed treatment plans and I would say I'm 100% better than I was when I started. Having treatments helped me regain my balance & improved my overall range of motion. I would highly recommend him to others.Thank You for you help Dr Stover.

 by Mildred M

sept 9,2013

I met Dr. Stover at a health fair. I spoke with him about back and lower leg pain. I've suffered for a few years with this pain. He set me up an app. to come to the office. He discussed what he could do for me so I started treatments. He has helped me a lot since I've been coming to his office. His staff is great. She is caring and very helpful with my appointments and insurance. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Stover he is a good doctor

 by Stephanie C

July 11,2014

I came into office after being in an automobile accident. Dr Stover and his staff was very caring and got me back on my feet in no time. I am a nurse and im on my feet for long periods at a time. I was having lower back pain and neck pain. With Dr.Stover's help i would say im 90% better. I would highly recommend Dr. Stover to anyone.

 by Diane I.

July 10,2014

I had lower back pain when I started coming to Dr Stover office. As of today i feel 90% better. He has made it easier for me to lift my baby without being in pain.

 by Peter F

July 10,2014

I came into the office with lower back pain. I had suffered with the pain for about 6 weeks. I can feel the difference since ive been coming into the office. I feel im about 80% better. I love the flexable hrs available. I would recommend Dr.Stover he is very knowledgable.

 by John C

July 10, 2014

I came into office with right arm pain. I have suffered with the pain and constriction for 3-4 months. After having treatment @ Dr.stover office I have begun to feel so much better. The staff is wonderful. They have treated me very well. I have found that I have range of motion since recieving treatments. I also feel an overall feeling of calmness now. I would recommend any one having any kind of pain go see Dr.stover.

 by Johnathan O.


I came into the office having middle back pain for about 1 year. Since I have been coming to Dr.Stover I feel 80% better. I have less pain. I like how Dr.Stover takes the time to answer questions I may have.

 by Jordan S.

June 6,2014 I am a soccer player.

I came into office with back& neck pain and having headaches. I feel 50% better after coming in for treatments. I really like getting the electric stim treatments. I can see a big difference using it.

 by Hanna Foss

Went to Dr stover w/ low back pain and neck stiffness. I am 70% better I can actually sleep through the night now. The staff is GREAT!!!. When I leave the office and wake up the next morning I have no pain. Yes I would recommend Dr Stover He is a miracle maker -Hanna Foss

 by Glen Klesat

Ive been having left side pain and discomfort for about 8 months.since going to see Dr.Stover I woiuld say im 70% better. The staff treats ya great when you go there. I was taught some exercises and stretches that have really helped. -Glen K

 by Donld Foss

Doing better since I started seeing Dr. Stover. Neck doing better and snoring has even gotten better. Staff very nice & accommodating. -Donald F.

 by Betty Herring

My experience with Dr. Stover has been exceptional. He has been treating me for four years for stenosis and siatic nerve pain. Recently, I experience an acute episode of pain caused by a collaspe of the T-12. Following that episode, radial nerve pain just would not go away; my Orthopediac doctor said "You will have to live with it." After talking with Dr. Stover concerning what I could take to alievate this inflamed nerve, my 58 days of misery is over. His recommendation worked; my pain is gone! I can now do regular housework, cut grass and even dance. I highly recommend Dr. Stover and his competent staff.

 by C. Russell

I have suffered from back pain for years and a few weeks before coming to Dr. Stover's I had started having severe back and shoulder pain. Now that I have been through treatment I am feeling much better. I can sit in a chair for longer periods of time without the pain, I'm sleeping better and I can lift my right arm again. I never felt nervous coming to Dr. Stover's office. The staff is very friendly. I would really recommend Stover Chiropractic.

 by M. Nash
Come Here Before You Go To Anyone Else

A month ago I started suffering from lower back pain and sciatica above the knee. After seeing Dr. Stover I am feeling 90% better which is a relief since the muscle relaxers I had tried didn't work. The staff here is awesome and I really appreciate how they actually care. Dr. Stover listens and is attentive to my needs and provides me with drug-free care. I wouldn't change a thing about my care. I can stand for longer periods of time, have more mobility and have been able to resume my daily activities and dancing. I feel more relaxed since the treatments and relief and have more mental focus too.

 by K. Arikian
No more fog

After only a few adjustments I have noticed the "fog" lifted from my head. I feel like I'm functioning more clearly. Thank you, Dr. Stover! I'm looking forward to seeing and feeling more results.

 by Paul Harris
The pain made it impossible to relax

When I came to see Dr. Stover initially I had been suffering from pain between my shoulder blades that radiated down my arm and I also had numbness in my fingers. Prior to seeing Dr. Stover I had been experiencing this pain for approximately 6 weeks and had tried to get relief through pain medications. Dr. Stover's staff has treated me very well. They are so informative and they take the time to answer your questions. I'm so grateful to be able to relax now. My pain had made impossible to relax before. I am also sleeping better.

 by Suzanne Garner
Dr. Stover Really Listens and Cares

I came to see Dr. Stover with numbness and burning in my leg and neck stiffness which I had suffered from for over 6 months. I had tried shots in my back and muscle relaxers to get relief from my pain. After care with Dr. Stover I can walk long distances, my neck is less strained, I can go up and down the stairs with less leg pain and I am sleeping longer without waking up. The staff at Stover Chiropractic is very attentive and helpful. Dr. Stover is very thorough and I feel like he really listens and cares. I definitely recommend Dr. Stover and his practice.

 by Amber Allen
I can lift my son again

I came to see Dr. Stover with Low Back Pain due to a recent injury but I have also suffered with back pain for years. I had been to see medical doctors and taken both pain relievers and muscle relaxers with little actual relief. Dr. Stover's staff has treated me great and I appreciate their flexible schedule and quick in and out appointment times. I'm so glad to get back to walking, exercising and being able to lift my son. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Stover's practice.

 by Ana Spigle
in terrible shape

When I went to Dr. Stover, I was in terrible shape. After adjustments I was able to navigate much better. I can move my head from side to side and I can raise my arms above my head. I have neuropathy and my feet were like a brick weight but now that terrible feeling is almost gone. My fingers used to tingle and were numb but the tingling is now gone and the numbness not as bad. Also, prior to treatment, I could hardly turn in bed. I highly recommend Dr. Stover.

 by Molly
Dr. Stover Listens!

I came to see Dr. Stover after exhausting efforts with medical doctors that were telling me burning and pins/needles sensations were not coming from my neck issues.

I am now pins/needle free and it is a great feeling to not have that all day long. Dr. Stover listens to all my concerns and takes great interest in my well being. So glad that my friend recommended him to me.

 by Mike B

After just a few minutes with Dr. Stover, 3 weeks of back pain, lack of sleep, and muscle tension seemed to instantly be alleviated…not to return. Thanks for the adjustment. Worth every nickel!

 by Cynthia Caraballo

I have suffered from pain and numbness in my neck, shoulders and fingers off and on for about 15 years. I had been treating the symptoms with Tylenol PM. Dr. Stover and his staff have treated me with great kindness and consideration. After treatment I have been able to dry my hair, drive my car and have more mobility in my neck. I am happy that I am also sleeping better, I am more calm and patient and can recognize better when I am getting stressed. Dr. Stover has helped me a great deal!

 by Brenda Wright

My low back pain was so bad, when I came to see Dr. Stover, that it was difficult to even walk or sit. I have had back pain for years but it had been severe for several days. I had tried medications and exercise to relieve the pain. Dr. Stover's staff has been very cooperative and helpful. What I've liked most is the positive and personal attention that I have received.

I have become more aware of my spinal health and take care to properly sit, stand and lift. I'm so happy that I am able to walk again and sit without pain. I will continue to take care and keep my back healthy.

 by M. Finley

I have suffered with back pain for many years. I had not been seeing other medical doctors and had not taken prescription medications for my pain. I'm happy that Dr. Stover has been able to ease the pain and his staff has been wonderful. As a result of Dr. Stover's care I can bowl, golf and workout. These things were difficult prior to the pain relief I have received.

Unexpectedly, I am also sleeping better and feel more relaxed. I would certainly recommend Stover Chiropractic to other's suffering from back pain.

 by Christina Froggatt

For 19 years I have had low back, hip and grinding neck pain. In one short month of care from Dr. Stover I am feeling better and have a much better quality of life. I am able to run again and can walk long distances. I am also able to sleep without pain. I highly recommend Dr. Stover and his practice.

 by Randell Murphy

Other than helping me improve (the pain and numbness in my left leg, foot and low back) Dr. Stover's staff has been very helpful and kind. The care has felt very personal. Unlike feeling like I'm just another customer.

I'd had the pain, numbness and tingling for about 3 weeks before starting care (the numbness was new to me) though it wasn't the first time I'd had low back pain. Currently the only symptom left is a slight amount on tingling/numbness on the bottom of my left foot (getting better with time). Know that you need to be patient with results (I'm 5 weeks into care) but I highly recommend Dr. Stover.

 by Charity Grzelecki

I had left sided neck pain with spasms and tingling. It had been going on for a couple of years - on and off. I'd tried massage but it did not "fix" the problem. Since starting care my neck is 90% better in less than 6 weeks time and now I can sit at my desk (where I work) without feeling as much pain as before. Not only that, but I've noticed I sleep better (due to being more relaxed) than before getting treatments.

 by Richard Doran

I suffered from migraines brought on by weather conditions. These migraines were often severe enough to cause me to lose work. After going through the suggested proceedure by Dr. Stover my migrianes have dropped in number and severity.

 by Alysse Seward

Came in with shoulder and neck pains that have almost completely disappeared. My headaches have also been a lot less frequent.

 by Sue Kaukas

My experience with Dr. Stover and his staff has been a very positive one. I'm am finishing up a one-year program that has helped my neck and back pain tremendously. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. I would recommend this practice to anyone! And... if you want to know more about birds....

 by Amber

I came to Dr. Stover because of my chronic back pain, from my book bag at school. Ever since i've been seeing Dr. Stover, my back pain has decreased a lot.(:

Thanks Dr. Stover!

 by Jenifer Thomas

Dr. Stover and his staff are awesome! Dr.Stover has done wonders for me regarding the pain that I was experiencing. I was fearful that one day the pain would make me more dependent on others and less mobile. After a month of being treated I can honestly say that the pain has decreased drastically and I have more energy to do just simple tasks that I would struggle to get done before. His staff have always been so helpful and nice. Thank you Dr.Stover and staff for being there to help me gain back more control of my life. You all are the greatest.

 by Wes Robertson

I came to Dr. Stover because I had recurring cluster migraines (daily). The pain was constant and it was keeping me from working and going to school. The pain medications I took did not get rid of the headaches and they were getting less effective at pain management. Life was not good. I did not want to take pills every day. At this point I do not have any pain and I'm all but off the medications. I have my life back the way I want and am able to comfortably go to school.

 by Wes Robertson

I came to Dr. Stover because I had recurring cluster migraines (daily). The pain was constant and it was keeping me from working and going to school. The pain medications I took did not get rid of the headaches and they were getting less effective at pain management. Life was not good. I did not want to take pills every day. At this point I do not have any pain and I'm all but off the medications. I have my life back the way I want and am able to comfortably go to school.

 by Jerry Hicks

The adjustments are great. I feel like a young man again....

 by Charlie Brown

The support staff here is clearly unappreciated and I think Dr. Stover should bring them Starbucks and healthy breakfast every morning to start their days off right! I mean really, they have to deal with Dr. Stover every day! haha.

And yet you still give us five stars! I'll take it. Hah Thanks Joann

 by Jessica Colbert

I've been seeing Dr. Stover for close to 3 years and have been extremely satisfied with the services. The support staff is always very helpful in meeting all my scheduling needs and Dr. Stover always takes the time to listen to concerns and talk through the treatment plan and progress.

 by Debbie Ireland
A Godsend

I have been treated by Dr Stover on and off for the last 5-6 years. I came to him after several years at another chiropractor, where I experienced little relief. Dr. Stover's treatment has significantly relieved my chronic headaches and neck pain. I now suffer a headache maybe once/month. Prior to seeing Dr. Stover, they occurred 2-3 times/week. He corrected my sciatica/lower back pain through the use of custom ordered orthodics. I was skeptical at the time, but these shoe inserts have eliminated the problem, and I notice a recurrance of pain if I go too long w/o wearing them.

Dr. Stover and his staff are kind, patient, understanding, and humorous. I couldn't ask for more.

 by Betty Herring

Dr. Stover has made a total difference in how I can walk, move and get around. When I first came to him I could not walk to my mailbox and back..after the first visit I could. He and his staff are THE BEST!

 by Meg Gray
your pretty good:)

when I am done my back feels so much better.

 by Cindy Paxton
Free from pain after 30 years

I have been seeing Dr. Stover since May. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 16 years old, had surgery with a harrington rod to correct my curved spine. Not until my 30's did I begin to experience pain in my lower back. As I continued to age - the pain started to go up into my neck. I never thought a chriopractor would work with my situation due to rod. However, Dr. Stover assured me he could help me with my pain. And I can say today - it has been worth every penny and worth the time it takes to come in and get the treatment. I now know what a 47 year old should feel like. I no longer have the cronic pain and am grateful to have met Dr. Stover!

 by Brenda Bragg

All the staff is wonderful. Dr Stover has made

big improvement in my life. I am able to do things I haven't done in years. I am enjoying life again. He has improved my life so much I have my daughter and husband coming to him.

 by Nancy Ferrell

I'm going to give five stars to Stover Chiropractic because I have been a patient for over a year. I had an experience where my back went completely out and have been seeing Dr. Stover weekly to bi-weekly since. Because of my occupation, dog grooming, my pain continues when I have heavy grooming days. I have shown up in pain, with no scheduled appointment and have always been made a priority. The office staff have called and checked on me after I've visited and had an adjustment when they know my pain level is particularily high. I would and do recommend Dr. Stover and his staff to everyone I know!

 by russell nash

Dr. Stover and staff have done an amazing job fixing my sons acid reflux and my discomfort in my neck and upper back. I would recommend Dr. Stover to anyone in need of a chiropractor.

 by Lauren Beck

Stover Chiropractic is a very caring environment. I look forward to every visit and leave feeling great!

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