Our Methods

No cracking, popping or twisting

The chiropractic method we practice at the Stover Chiropractic, P.C. is called Orthospinology.
The most compelling thing to many people when they first learn about Orthospinology is how gentle the actual adjustment is. It involves no cracking, popping or twisting.
When it comes to results, however, the most important aspect is how precise it is. Unlike other chiropractic techniques, Orthospinology is a methodical, instrument adjustment based on 3-dimensional x-ray analysis and mathematical calculation.

What if I like the popping?

Dr. Stover will attempt to accommodate patient requests for adjusting style. Ultimately we will recommend the method that we believe will benefit the patient most. Each patient is a unique individual consideration.

Results that you can see

With this method, we – and you – are able to see and quantify the correction to your spine. Therefore, we can objectively determine if your adjustment achieved the desired amount of correction to your misalignment. If not, we refine the calculation and adjustment until a successful correction is achieved.
This is the key to predictable, measurable, highly effective results.

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