How to Overcome Plantar Fasciitis With Chiropractic Care 

 June 22, 2022

By  Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.

plantar fasciitis chiropractic careDo you suffer from plantar fasciitis? If so, you understand that it can make it hard for you to walk, run, or even stand up. Plantar fasciitis can get in the way of your exercise routine, and you may be worried that you need to take a prescription medication or undergo a surgical procedure to overcome it. Fortunately, that is not always the case. A trained chiropractor has a wide variety of treatment options at his or her disposal, and a chiropractor can help you recover. Learn more about how chiropractic care can help you overcome plantar fasciitis.

A Chiropractor Can Perform Extremity Adjustments

One of the first ways a chiropractor may be able to help you recover from plantar fasciitis is through extremity adjustments. A chiropractor can perform chiropractic adjustments on your knees, ankles, hips, and feet. Then, when these adjustments are combined with manual therapy involving the spine, it is possible to keep all of your joints, ligaments, and tendons in proper alignment.

Sometimes, you may develop plantar fasciitis because you have put too much stress on your feet. If your feet, ankles, hips, and knees are properly aligned, you can remove a lot of the stress from your feet, alleviating plantar fasciitis. You should talk to your local chiropractor about how chiropractic adjustments can help you recover from plantar fasciitis.

A Chiropractor Can Design Custom Orthotics for Your Feet

Next, a chiropractor can also design custom orthotics specifically for your feet. There are lots of people who develop plantar fasciitis because there is a significant amount of pressure being applied to the bottom of the foot. One of the ways to alleviate this pressure is to design custom orthotics that can make sure your foot is properly aligned.

A chiropractor can take a look at the unique shape of your feet. Then, he or she can design custom orthotics that you can place in your shoes. These orthotics can provide your feet with a bit of extra support while stabilizing their arches, removing stress from the soles of your feet. This extra support can help you recover from plantar fasciitis and prevent problems from developing in the future.

A Chiropractor Can Use Soft Tissue Therapy To Help You Improve Your Mobility

Finally, a chiropractor can also use soft tissue or trigger point therapy to help you recover from plantar fasciitis. There are a lot of people who develop plantar fasciitis due to inflammation stemming from the presence of lactic acid. There are plenty of other people who develop adhesions on the bottom of the foot, which can make it difficult to move properly. Both of these issues can lead to plantar fasciitis, and a chiropractor can use manual therapy to address them. Soft tissue or trigger point therapy can be used to break up adhesions and remove lactic acid. This can go a long way toward helping you recover from plantar fasciitis, improving your quality of life.

Trust a Chiropractor To Help You Address Plantar Fasciitis

Ultimately, these are just a few of the many ways that a chiropractor can help you overcome plantar fasciitis. There are a lot of people who live with plantar fasciitis every day, but you do not necessarily have to suffer through it. Even though it may take some time for you to overcome plantar fasciitis, there are plenty of treatment options available. This is why you should consider working with your local chiropractor. He or she can take a look at your feet, devise a treatment plan, and put you in the best position possible to recover. If you don’t have a local chiropractor, please give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.

Dr. Stover grew up in Richmond. He has been married to his wife Andrea since 2000 and they make their home in Mechanicsville with their children, Avery and Garnett.

Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.

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