As I’m writing this it is March and we are seeing signs of spring at Stover Chiropractic. Longer days, warmer temperatures and… patients wonder if all their symptoms might be related to allergies! Could allergies be the true cause of their symptoms? I think it is a reasonable question. What do we know about allergies?

We know an allergy is an overreaction of the immune system. Our immune system mistakes a non threat to your body, like pollen, as an antigen (something from the environment that is NOT suppose to be in your body). Well, at the risk of over simplifying again, our immune system is very intimately tied to how well our nervous system is functioning. Please see the quote below from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease:

“Evidence is mounting that the immune system and the nervous system are linked in several ways. One well-known connection involves the adrenal glands. In response to stress messages from the brain, the adrenal glands release hormones into the blood. In addition to helping a person respond to emergencies by mobilizing the body’s energy reserves, these “stress hormones” can stifle the protective effects of antibodies and lymphocytes.

Another link between the immune system and the nervous system is that the hormones and other chemicals that convey messages among nerve cells also “speak” to cells of the immune system. Indeed, some immune cells are able to manufacture typical nerve cell products, and some lymphokines can transmit information to the nervous system. Moreover, the brain may send messages directly down nerve cells to the immune system. Networks of nerve fibers have been found connecting to the lymphoid organs.”

So if allergies are a problem with the immune system, which is intimately tied to the nervous system, how do you fix it? Consider looking for something that adversely affects your nervous system. It is reasonable to assume if one has some sort of stress on the nervous system (physical or emotional) the immune system would not work well and therefore allergies may develop or be aggravated. The most common physical stress to the immune system would be the subluxation (a misalignment of spinal vertebrae). The correction of subluxations by a chiropractor would result a healthier nervous system which leads to a healthier immune system. A healthier immune system would lead to less allergies, or less intense allergies, or in some cases–no allergies!

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