How Chiropractic Helps Those That Suffer from Joint Pain and Stiffness 

 July 16, 2020

By  Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.

joint pain, joint stiffness and chiropracticJoint pain and stiffness can make it difficult to enjoy activities and participate in a good exercise routine.  Chiropractic can help optimize the function of your joints, making it possible to improve your mobility with less pain. When living with arthritis, chiropractic is an excellent therapy to  decrease pain and give your body the tools it needs to heal naturally. Chiropractic adjustments aim to align the spine and improve your nervous system without the use of prescription medication.

Reduces Nerve Pressure

Nerve pressure can cause pain or a tingling sensation that is difficult to manage with traditional medication. The goal of chiropractic is to align the spine so that the pressure on nerves can be reduced or eliminated. A poorly aligned spine can compress nerve endings, causing pain with or without movement. Once the spine is adjusted, the nerve ending is no longer irritated and the pain will decrease. Chiropractic uses a wide range of techniques to deal with areas of compression, including stretching, ultrasound, and strengthening exercises.

Improve Joint Mobility

Joint stiffness can set in when you aren’t able to move about and get the exercise you need to stay healthy. Chiropractic looks at the overall alignment of your spine, and can be used to help restore function to joints as well. Your chiropractor takes a careful assessment of your condition to determine what is causing your stiffness and joint immobility. Chiropractic care for arthritis is common, as it can manage muscle spasms and soft tissue tenderness to improve your symptoms. As you progress in treatment, you will discover that you have more mobility and are able to resume excercise at some capacity.

Stiffness and Body Movement

Movement is essential when you are dealing with stiffness and joint pain, yet movement is painful when you have these conditions. A chiropractor will help you gain back the mobility of your joints by optimizing the function. When you have less pain, you are better able to move about. You may be taught new strengthening exercises to keep your spine in better alignment. While adjustments can reduce pain and improve mobility, exercises help keep the adjustments in place. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your mobility and get back to the activities you love, chiropractic can make a big difference.

Arthritis is a chronic condition that often requires a number of complementary therapies to get the symptoms under control. When you are feeling stiff and have poor joint mobility, chiropractic treatments can provide relief. You can see a chiropractor even when you are getting treated by other professionals for the same conditions, as it is an excellent complementary therapy for arthritis. With no medication used in chiropractic, you don’t have to worry about any interactions. Treatment is individualized to meet your specific needs. Your chiropractor will talk to you about your treatment options, and discuss ways to improve the function of your body to reduce your pain and stiffness. 

With chiropractic treatment, better mobility and less pain are possible. Arthritis doesn’t have to mean an end to the activities that you love.

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Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.

Dr. Stover grew up in Richmond. He has been married to his wife Andrea since 2000 and they make their home in Mechanicsville with their children, Avery and Garnett.

Dr. Tripp Stover, D.C.

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